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2022 3:2




Front Matter
Guest Editorial

Dushyanthi Jayawardene

Pedagogical and research potential of a digital humanities laboratory: Language corpora as open educational resources (OER)

Dinithi Karunanayake, Dushyanthi Mendis, Lihini Nilaweera,
Minoli Wijetunga and Sandani Yapa Abeywardena

Of men and the “Ruling Ring”: Destructive resilience of Sri Lanka’s executive presidency
Binendri Perera
Development of self-reporting assessment tool to assess Personal Innovativeness

N. D. Nishamani Bhagya Rathnayake

Importance of studying the dominant’s perspective on women workers in male-dominated workplaces: Revisiting Kanter’s theory
Lakmini Jayasekara
Morphometry and habitat selection of the Mountain Hourglass Treefrog [Taruga eques (Günther, 1858)] (Amphibia, Rhacophoridae) in the Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka
Shashi Madhushanka and Kelum Manamendra-Arachchi
An exploration of the dissemination of knowledge through the “Dark Academia” aesthetic
Parami J. Ranasinghe
A review of the literature on factors affecting organizational engagement of Millennials: Social identity and psychological entitlement perspectives
K. A. D. I. Udayangi and G. A. T. R. Perera
A conceptual electrophoresis-mediated protein identification method by frictional coefficient during motion under electrical and magnetic interference
Uvin Eksith Senadheera and Jasintha Jayasanka
Use of molecular biology techniques for animal identification and traceability
M. K. S. Thilakarathna, R. I. S. Karunathilaka, G. A. Gunawardana
and R. G. P. T. Jayasooriya
Exposureto the world of the classical Persian poet Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī: A literary review of තුටින් පිරීගිය එක් මොහොතක් – A selection of Rūmī poems in Sinhala by Sasanka Perera and Indu Gamage Thambapanni Academic Publishers, Rajagiriya, 2022; ISBN 978-624-5529-06-3; 224 pages
E. A. Gamini Fonseka