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Guest Editorial

Dinesha Samararatne

Embedding ethics of care into sustainable human resource management to foster gender inclusive work culture in engineering

Kanchana Wijayawardena

Perception of physiotherapy students regarding their chosen career: An exploratory study on leveling the playing field Habitats in South Asia
S. W. K. Gamage & Piyanjali de Zoysa
Analyzing wage differentials by fields of study: Evidence from Sri Lanka

Priyanga Dunusinghe

Cultural competence among student nurses in two selected government schools of nursing in Sri Lanka: A descriptive study
H. Shereen Senarathne & M. K. D. L. Meegoda
Historical memory, reimagining the present: The spatial politics of monuments in Thailand and Sri Lanka
James Taylor & Roshan de Silve-Wijeyaratne
The impact of development projects on the right to equality
H. T. K. Ishara Jayarathne
What not to do: (In)justice enactment in handling complaints of sexual harassment
Arosha S. Adikaram & Pavithra Kailasapathy
Instigating murder? Gendered inequities in the interrogations of a primary witness in a murder trial
Manikya Kodithuwakku
Equity for the child in adoption: Some issues of concern in the adoption of children ordinance of Sri Lanka
Rose Wijeyesekera
Inclusivity of children with disabilities and downsides of welfare-oriented service delivery system in Sri Lanka with special reference to rural areas in Galle district
Chandani Liyanage
Sri Lanka’s inequalities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
Bhavani Fonseka
Contributions of railway services towards socio-economic equity and environmental sustenance: Reflections from post-lockdown restrictions on train operations in the Western Province of Sri Lanka
T. Lalithasiri Gunaruwan & M. H. Saumya Dilrukshi